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I’m writing to you because I was wondering if there was a fuller description of the various classes of Gamesmen in the True Game world. While some of them, like Pursuivants, are pretty thoroughly described, and the big 11, who each have one power, as fairly clear, I was hoping to get a better picture of the limitations and nature of some who are barely mentioned in any of the three trilogies (Prophets, Churchmen, Phantasms, and Archangels, for example).

Do you have, somewhere, a chart or description of how each class can use its powers? Is there a published form? Thank you for your time and attention, I appreciate it very much.


and Ms. Tepper responds…

  I think at that time I considered that the powers were rather like seasoning in cooking.  There was taste, and then there was “Did you salt this at all?” and “Whoo, you put in too much garlic.”  In other words, very little all the way up to too much.  This would allow an almost unlimited variation along the spectrum of each power and each combination.  Each one of the powers would affect the others in different ways, also.  I had some interesting correspondence back then with some young people into gaming who had made up their own games for this world.



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