SheriRabbits2She turned 86 this July 16, 2015.

Sheri S. Tepper just finished her newest novel for us, so if you’d like to send along birthday wishes I will make sure they get to her.

43 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ms. Tepper!

  1. Kali Ravel

    Every year or so I reread Jinian Footseer. I found it, by chance, when I was nine, in a charity shop. I had never heard of you.

    It carried me through depression and suicide attempts. Every time I come back, I find something different; it grows with me.

    Thank you.

  2. Mario

    Warmest wishes , although belated, for your birthday Ms Tepper.
    Living our lives brings age
    With age comes experience
    Experience/living delivers us wisdom, or so we hope
    You truly are a wise old bird, ( I mean that most respectfully),, thank you for your huge efforts in sharing your wisdom through your wonderful writing and magnificent storytelling
    Of your eventual retirement,- be assured you have left a wonderful legacy of writing that will continue to be cherished, savoured and shared by many

  3. Chris Hall

    Hi Ms Tepper,

    Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! I first came across your writings by reading ‘Beauty’ from my local library.

  4. Ina Travis

    this is late for your birthday – but I am currently rereading Decline and Fall in light of recent events. Thank you for comforting me and frightening me in equal measure for all these years – You stand in a select group of authors who have not only brought me reading pleasure over the years, but have forced me to rethink my approach to the world, to look at things I have taken for granted with new eyes.

    you really are my Prophetess, my best hope for the future is that the universe is equally impressed by you.

    : )–(

  5. Gemma Ratcliffe

    Happy birthday Ms. Tepper! The True Game series, especially the Jinian trilogy, changed my life completely when I discovered your books just under two years ago, and I cannot thank you enough! Your books are the most profound I have ever read and I now aspire to become an Eesty (of the Ganver variety) – I cannot wait until the sequel comes out! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with the world. Gemma
    Lolly duro balta lus Lom

  6. Paula Young

    I have just read Mary Gentle’s “The Pits Beneath the World” in the “Cartomancy” collection. I was surprised to find similarity between it and “Grass”. I wonder have you ever collaborated or shared ideas? I really enjoy both you work.

  7. Jeff Spakowski

    Happy Birthday Ms. Tepper! Thank you so much for your words. They have always inspired and challenged me to be a better man.

    In a world where writers, singers, and celebrities feed a media machine that intrudes upon time to think, to savor, I treasure your choice to speak through your books.

    Today I am traveling with Behometh to Moss, and my world is alive through the gift of your imagination.

    Many happy returns,

  8. Annie

    Thank you very much for sharing your stories with us. We’re a house full of readers and I have been happy to pass on my copies of Grass, The Gate to Women’s Country, Beauty and others to my 3 kids. I haven’t found all that many authors whose works I revisit again and again, but you’re definitely in that select group.

    Very best wishes to you and again, thanks.


  9. stefano

    Tanti auguri Ms Tepper,it’s late ,too late but i’ld like to wish you a marvellous year.
    i loved your books since in 1991 the first(Grass-pianeta di caccia) was published in Italy.Only 6 books of you are been published in italian,and i would like to read more of your works in the dante’s language.
    However un grande abbraccio e un augurio di una vita serena e felice,e grazie ancora per i suoi splendidi romanzi

  10. Ms Frances Potter

    Dear Ms Tepper, happy birthday and my heartfelt thanks for your amazing stories. The Gate to Women’s Country was my first many years ago, and so it proved, a gateway to your work. Always satisfying, sometimes so prescient it’s shocking. Always moving, some parts raise the hair on the back of my neck they touch my heart so closely.

    I work in the domestic violence field and wish I could give all my women a copy of your books.

    with respect and love

  11. Mark Flynn

    Deep, and light – wide, and high – one of the finest writers of SciFi I have had the pleasure to read. Bless you and keep you, you are a treasure to those who can read – places new near and far and very close to home. Brava!

  12. Rob Hay

    Dear Ms Tepper. If this message reaches you at all it will be well and truly between birthdays for you. Regardless, I wish you a wonderful year and would like to thank you for the many books of your I have read and reread. You have been a true inspiration and influence for me. Kind Regards Rob.

  13. Bird

    Dear Mrs. Tepper,

    Thank you so much for the marvelous worlds of ideas you have brought to life for me, and for so many other grateful others.
    Many times an idea you presented within one of your stories resonates so profoundly with how I am experiencing ‘reality’ and I am encouraged, given courage, to look ever more deeply. Your gifts are deeply appreciated.

    blessings, Bird

  14. Valerie

    Happy year to you Ms. Tepper. Much gratitude on this Thanksgiving for you, your significant body of work that always transports me, gives reason to deeply reflect, enjoy and be astounded by the worlds, cultures and characters you create.

  15. Cecile LaForce

    Dear Sherri: I just wanted to write to tell you what an important part of my library your books are. I read them again and again not only for the beautiful authorship of words, but for the profound sense of truth, honesty, and hubris concerning women’s place in society. I place you in my top 3 sexiest women of all time, which includes Admiral Grace Hopper and my wonderful mama gem. Your works keep me grounded, honest with myself, and much entertained.
    Coribee, Sherri, coribee.

  16. Jessica Alvis

    I just want to say, ever since I read your book Beauty in my middle school library (I am 28 now)- I have been ADDICTED to your novels. Thank you so much for gracing us with your talent and may you have a very wonderful birthday!

  17. Barb Looney

    I am a big fan of fantasy and have just discovered your books. What a delight they are and will make a great addition to my own library which I am just starting to build. Thanks for all of your great work! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  18. Pam Baddeley

    Hello, I just wanted to say that I have been reading your books since the 80s and am reading ‘After Long Silence’. I hope you are round for many more years with good health and manage to get some more books through the publishing gatekeepers. Oh, and I did/do buy them, I don’t get them from the library (I’m a writer trying to be published so I understand.) Good luck!

  19. Elizabeth Ostenberg

    Thank you, thank you Ms. Tepper. You have been the very best muse for helping to open my heart and mind! As a grandmother of nine and coming from a more conservative religious culture I have changed a lot over the years as I have grown and changed. I own most of your books and have read them all. You are my favorite author. My favorite of your works is “The Fresco”- I love the humour. My second favorite is “The Gate to Women’s Country”. I am reading the former for about the third or fourth time! You have an amazing mind and heart! Thank you again, Elizabeth Ostenberg

  20. marie cronin

    Dear Sheri, you are without doubt my favourite writer . I have all your books- some of them in both electronic and paper format, and I re-read them all regularly. Thank you for all the enjoyment you have given me over the years. Marie Cronin

  21. Una O'Reilly

    Dear Sheri,you are one of my favorite writers of all time. I own all of your books, including the mysteries. Thank you for publishing eco-feminist books that are funny and filled with love and humour (and anger). Hope a new one comes out soon.

  22. Vicki Ronn

    I loved The Gate to Women’s Country and Grass, both books that changed my perspectives on life in major ways. Thank you so much for your writing. Happy belated birthday!

  23. abbey

    I just finished Six Moon Dance (borrowed a paragraph from it to post to my home bulleting board!) I read Grass many years ago and was greatly impressed – still, at times, I remember parts and roles of it.
    Got on your website to get a list of your books and saw your biography. You are a wondrous writer and appear to be a wondrous role model. I, too, was involved in the Women’s movement in the 70’s – Planned Parenthood, Alice Doesn’t Day, university NOW president, and oftimes I am concerned that my daughter and other women of today are not aware of how fragile their rights are – how much anguish it took to achieve what they take for granted (for which I am grateful – though a little concerned.
    Anyway, enough rambling, many happy returns, and remember, “we are the stuff made of stars, given our lives by the living world, given our selves by time.”

  24. Cherie Lovell

    Happy (very) Belated Birthday Ms. Tepper! I remember finding Grass used in a book shop in the early 90’s and have since collected your books; everything prior and what came after. I look forward to introducing my young daughter (6) to Jinian and Mavin and all the rest!

    I hope to meet you in person someday!
    All the Best,

  25. Edward Simpson

    I loved the Revenant series when I was a kid and recently started looking for them for the ebooks. I could not find any nor could I find them listed for Barnes and Noble.

    Is there any chance these will be published in the digital format?

  26. Anne Lomax

    Thank you. I love your work, it’s fresh alive and very young. Written with a wisdom that is truly inspiring. Thank you – and Happy Birthday for last week,

  27. Leslie Donovan

    A very happy birthday to you, Ms. Tepper. I have loved your novels for so long and have even used some of them in my college Honors courses at UNM. Thank you for your work which inspires me professionally as well as personally!

  28. irene seeland

    Dear Ms. Tepper
    I have been reading and re-reading your books for many years and they continue to delight me on so many levels.
    As a psychiatrist I have had to deal with so many of the tramatic events pertaining to the lives of woman and I deeply appreciate your stance on these longstanding social problems.But I think my favorite solution is the one the aliens presented on the middle east crisis- ” Next time the hole will be bigger!” Where are they when we need them.
    I just finished Gibbons decline and fall- one of the few I had missed so far and could not help but wonder if there is not truly a cosmic evil underlying some of the negative
    directions of the times.

    I wish you many more years of creative inspiration-
    Irene Seeland

  29. Melanie Baumeister

    Happy Birthday Sheri S Tepper!

    Belated as the wish may be, I do believe that it is just a little riper and extends the happy buzz of a birthday festival – Many happy returns for your new life year.

    fond regards
    Melanie Baumeister

  30. Catharine

    Happy belated birthday for all years past and many happy returns for years future! Ms Tepper, I have enjoyed your many themes and stories, written under all your different nom-de-plumes. Thank you, for creating uncomfortable discussions, for provoking thought, for writing characters who make us examine what it is that we are doing with our world.

  31. Mary Mara

    Dear Sheri,
    you are in my thoughts, congrats on your recent Birthday. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!Must be over 10 years since I visited you on the ranch, beacuse I have been happily married to a wonderful guy since then, got rid of the WOPUT in my life. Hope this is passed on to you as I hope we will see each other soon, i am your biggest fan and still your stories are so inspiring and mean the world to me. another new one coming…..yeah! Best wishes, Mary mara (LA,CA)

  32. Sarah Fitz

    I grew up in a house filled with books. When I moved away to go to school my father turned my bedroom into a library because all the other rooms were full. I remember at least one entire shelf filled with Sheri S. Tepper and my father placing a copy of The Gate to Women’s Country in my hands. I can’t remember if I had already read Grass and Beauty at that point. I do remember having had a conversation with my father about why all the good characters were boys or men and why so many of the female characters in books were so boring and stupid. And I think that’s why he gave me the book.
    I know that starting high school having read The Gate To Women’s Country helped me to shape my ideals and set my own boundaries for dealing with the world. It inspired me to fight back against the inherent patriarchy in my Catholic school and to argue back when teachers and administrators tried to make decisions for my own good.
    Your works have a pride of place on my shelves, and a category of their own on my Kindle. And to this day, I have retained the lessons from TGTWC on lifelong learning and the value of having an art, a science and a craft.
    Sheri, you have inspired me to think and argue and write and question everything. I hope that your birthday this year was everything that a birthday should be.

  33. Kathy Burtscher

    I want to thank you for all of the books that I have read and reread over the years, while I taught internationally for the last ten years. A box of your books traveled around the world with me as my equivalent to comfort food. They’ve returned with me to Colorado so that I can continue to fall into those familiar/unfamiliar worlds whenever I need a break from the other world. Bless you, keep writing!

  34. Petra Ahnfors

    Happy birthday! I am a few days too late, but better late congratulations than none at all. My heartfelt thanks for letting me share your worlds!

  35. Tom Miller

    For over 20 years I had believed that I had read ALL of your books and then in a used book store on a local college campus I found an original hard copy all-in-one set of the first True Game trilogy. In you biography (the “true” one of course) you stated that you put yourself in the mind of a teenage boy and wrote the first volume in a week. I am happy and proud to state that this 64 year old teenage boy enjoyed it immensely. My father did not let me read this trash when I was a real teenager. I have corrupted my own son by making the entire range of SF and Fantasy books available to him and now he wants to be a writer. He has not, yet, read any of yours. He tried when he was far too young to read Grass and it was more than he could swallow. As a devoted D&D master The True Game will allow me to point him your way again and once begun you are truly hard to stop. Thank you for the years of quiet enjoyment you have given and I look forward to whatever you still have to give.

  36. Linda Campbell

    Happy Birthday wonder woman! I just wanted you to know, all your books sit on my shelves and whisper to me. When one begins to be louder than the others, I take it down and read again. Sometimes it is Jewell, sometimes Genevieve, but most often, I find Morgot in my hand. Or second maybe, Chiddy and Vess. I love the way you handle your Bad Guys without overt violence. So happy with the end??? of the Waters Rising series.

  37. Annabel Blakey

    Thank you for the pleasure your books have given me. With each one there has been the new story to enjoy, the unknown vocabulary to underline and look up and the wonderful women role models to cheer home. Thank you also, for rounding off poor old Earth’s troubles so cleverly with the Fish Tales crew.
    I cannot tell you my favourite story because that changes regularly. They have probably all had their turn. These days, while coping with age and discomfort, one of your books, all well loved friends, makes the best kind of sleeping draught. Good vibes to you and yours. Annabel

  38. Danny Sichel

    I’m really, really pleased to be able to tell you how much I enjoy your work, Ms Tepper. I was unpacking after a recent move, and earlier today pulled “Marianne, the Matchbox, and the Malachite Mouse” out of a box. There went the next two hours.

    Thank you for making me less efficient!

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