Grass would make a wonderful movie…

To Ms Tepper and/or publicist,

Has there been any suggestion of making a movie from the novel “Grass”? This is a visually powerful story combined with many issues that are socially relevant to our world. The concept of a world where all species are linked by metamorphosis is a brilliant notion. There is much about this story that I imagine could appeal to the likes of Steven Spielberg, James Cameron or George Lucas? Please consider my suggestion. Could you rewrite the story as a screenplay? Thank you for your inspirational stories. Regards, Jeffrey A W.

Ms. Tepper writes back…

Jeffry W. needs to know that authors have absolutely nothing to do with deciding to make a film from a book they have written—except to accept or refuse an offer made by a producer or studio.  Writing a screen play of a book won’t help: most producers want screen plays written by someone they have confidence in, that is, someone who knows what “screen” requires.  If a reader thinks a book should be made into a movie, the person to tell about it is the director, producer, or studio.  It carries a lot more weight than anything a writer might say—all  of us, I’m sure, think our books should be made into movies.

I have always thought that the director who made movies of the Tolkien trilogy would find Grass an interesting book to look at, but, as the writer, I’m not the person to say so. 


Thanks to a kind person at “Authors Contact” at Harper Collins, a few of the emails sent to this website have been forwarded on to Sheri’s publicist and she tells us she welcomes any more that come our way.

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