Sheri writes…

a fan asked about doing an end run around the publishers who delay and wait for million copy deal, and Sheri returns…

I have thought of self publishing the original books. The short ones that came in triplets.

and another letter asks…

” what your inspiration was for The True Game, because it’s one of the most truly original ideas I’ve ever seen”

Sheri writes back…

I have never once been able to answer the question, “What was your inspiration for this book or that book or some other book.” In the first place, my books sort of sprout. I get involved in a situation, or in a character, and they come alive on the keyboard without my feeling I’m really involved. Sometimes they go off on their own in very annoying ways and then I have to figure out how they got there and where they think they’re going. There’s one sprouting now that has me completely baffled.

The themes are always there. Nature and the hatred of those who destroy it. Rejection of bigotry and sexism. These come from painful childhood and youth experiences coupled with a strong dislike for those gown up supposedly wise people who were involved. Sort of, “If Annie Kafoots thinks like that, then I know it’s wrong because everything Annie Kafoots does hurts someone or something.”

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5 thoughts on “Sheri writes…

  • Carroll

    I’ve been reading your books for years and have had so much enjoyment from them. Recently, due to my home being taken over by the books, I’ve purchased an e-reader. I hope that some of your earliest books will be re-issued in this format. I’m looking forward to the next book!

  • Alisa Rowley

    I periodically search amazon for the Mavin Manyshaped books on Kindle. I’ve long ago forgotten what the actual stories were about, but I do remember how they made a lasting impact on my 12 year old self . I really hope you do decide to self publish.

  • june

    Dear Sheri
    For some reason (I am nearly 63) I have only now discovered your stories; they are wonderful. They echo almost all my dearest values for our planet, goodness, sensibility and kindness to all animals and good men and women (the Dora types and the steadfast Morgot and Joshua types).
    I am writing stories to be published and, having recently read ‘The Family Tree’ and ‘The Gate to Women’s Country,’ I realise I do not have your inate gift for storytelling. However, I will plough on and do my best!
    I love this planet, its animals and the good people on it and will do everything I can to write stories that will inspire people to care.
    Thank you for the privilege of reading your stories. As a woman with similar past experience I understand where you are coming from.
    With deepest respect and love,

  • Murray Donald

    I believe you when you say your stories sprout and go off on their own .
    Last month I started to read the Mavin books again , then moved on to the True game Trilogy, and then The Jinian Trilogy, that was nine separate books but really one epic story beautifully told , fantastic !! And I believe you have another on the go bringing some of the characters into a further story.
    Looking forward to adding this to my collection
    I,m lucky to have all of your books ( real and touchable) except for the 3rd Marianne book which I downloaded ( used paperback was priced around $100, phew !)


  • Ian Russell Lowell

    Dear Ms. Temper,
    I was introduced to your books some years back, and I have had the privilege of introducing them to others. Thank you for your insightful (and often incite-ful) writing. Your aliens are truly so.
    Sadly, living in the UK, I keep looking for your books on the shelves of the book selling chain Waterstones, in vain apart from a copy of The Margarets, which I felt slightly guilt in buying as I may have deprived a potential new fan, although I felt it was good to have Waterstones log a sale if one of your many excellent books.
    Thank you for your storytelling and for your creativity.


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