Steve gets a response from Sheri:


Most of the people who have been kind enough to write to me saying they have been amused, pleased, touched, or infuriated by my books have been women for the first three and men for the last one. Of course, when I started writing, the standard female sci-fi character was either a wonder woman clone or a woman waiting to be rescued by the hero. I was asked to speak once at a sectarian university and was cautioned a few days before the scheduled appearance that I should not say anything contradicting their religious position. Since everything I’ve ever written has contradicted their religious position, it smelled of entrapment. I visualized an inquisition and perhaps being burned at the stake. I replied, saying since I had no thoughts whatsoever that were not opposed to their theology, I could only say, ”Modest housekeepers and gentlemen, thank you and good evening,” and it didn’t seem worth the trip.

It is more than merely pleasant to receive a nice note from a real gentleman.

Thank you.


Thanks to a kind person at “Authors Contact” at Harper Collins, a few of the emails sent to this website have been forwarded on to Sheri’s publicist and she tells us she welcomes any more that come our way.

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