About Ms. Tepper

Very short biography: Sheri Tepper was born Sheri J. Stewart in Littleton Colorado in 1929.
She started out writing childrens stories, and released her first adult book in 1982. In 1991 she released the novel “Beauty” for which she won the Locus award for Best Fantasy Novel. She also wrote as E E Horlak, B J Oliphant and A J Orde.

She is now a great grandmother and currently lives with her husband Gene of 50 years in Santa Fe, NM, where the climate is warmer and kinder to arthritic bones than was her former residence in Larkspur, Colorado, which is high altitude and high snow bank country.

She recently finished on a sequel to three former writings:

  1. The True Game books, all nine of them.
  2. Plague of Angels.
  3. The Waters Rising.

If anyone is wondering what happened to Maven Manyshaped, who was petrified into stone for a thousand years, this book —Fish Tales— will answer the question.

An Interview with Sheri S. Tepper – By Neal Szpatura – 21 July 2008

Sheri S. Tepper is unapologetic about the label “ecofeminist.” Author of nearly forty novels, she creates complex, well-rounded characters in elegant blends of science fiction, fantasy, ecological alarum, and feminist fable. She writes what she cares about deeply, hoping to awaken readers to the hard realities of history and our times. She argues for a truly long view regarding our use of the Earth and its creatures—including each other—if we mean to survive….