Now we know that Sheri has cats…

I received this letter and passed it on…

Dear Miss Tepper,

I’ve been an avid reader of your books since I first discovered “Necromancer Nine” in my local library in 1984. I doubt that I can adequately convey the joy that your writing has brought to me over the years; suffice it to say that, as a bookaholic who reads anything well written regardless of genre, you are my absolute favourite author, and in my opinion, have the most original mind I’ve ever encountered in any literature. Just a small “thank you” for all the pleasure you’ve brought to me,

Anne Roy

and Sheri writes back…

Tell her thank you from me. It’s nice to be someone’s favorite something.

My cat, Jefe, explained that to me recently. It isn’t necessary, he said,
to be one’s favorite cat so long as one can be a favorite something, in this
case, blanket kneader.




Thanks to a kind person at “Authors Contact” at Harper Collins, a few of the emails sent to this website have been forwarded on to Sheri’s publicist and she tells us she welcomes any more that come our way.

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