Favorite quotes from Sheri’s books

I’ll start with mine – at least it is today.

“We are made of the stuff of stars, given our lives by a living world, given our selves by time. We are brother to the trees and sister to the sun. We are of such glorious stuff we need not carry pain around like a label. Our duty, as living things, to be sure that pain is not our whole story, for we can choose to be otherwise. As Ellin says, we can choose to dance.”
― Sheri S. Tepper, Six Moon Dance

One thought on “Favorite quotes from Sheri’s books

  1. Garth Nix

    Dear Ms. Tepper

    I am writing to congratulate on your World Fantasy Life Achievement Award and more generally to thank you for your books and writing. My own writing owes a lot to reading your books when I was growing up, particularly THE TRUE GAME series, and I m very grateful both for the enjoyment of reading and the influence!

    Best wishes

    Garth Nix

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