Sheri responds to a reader’s question…

“P.S. When might we expect your next book to be released?”

Last book was hung up, first at agents, then at publishers who let me know I was at the end of a long string of submissions. So, don’t know. I’m in the middle of the next one after the next one, which I have a hunch will have a better chance of getting through the road blocks.

Thing is, there are an awful lot of good young writers out there, and I was never a big, big seller– what they call “A Library author.” The libraries buy them more than the readers do. I keep getting notes from people “Can’t wait until it’s my turn at the library.” I want to write back and say, Hey, honey, try buying one. . . even used! It’ll make the publisher feel more inclined. . .

Best to you, and thanks.


Here’s my response, keep badgering her pubisher – make them aware of your interest, and they’ll get us the next book!


Thanks to a kind person at “Authors Contact” at Harper Collins, a few of the emails sent to this website have been forwarded on to Sheri’s publicist and she tells us she welcomes any more that come our way.

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