Books About Love and Dating You Should Read Right Now!

Are you a romantic by heart? Are you looking for a dating experience like no other? If so, you should definitely get started with the following list of the best romance novels the world has ever known!

Pride & Prejudice

Jane Austen is a master when it comes to crafting spectacular love stories. Pride and Prejudice is an excellent example and even if you are not a fan of love stories, you should definitely consider acquainting yourself with this classical text.

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is another classic, this one representing the storytelling skill of the Bronte sisters. A girl who doesn’t have anything in life but her strength and her genuine character eventually finds the love of her life and overcomes all perils. A story definitely worth reading!

Gone with the Wind

You knew that Gone with the Wind will make it in the list, didn’t you? Just read this book, no explanation is necessary!

The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks is a master when it comes to love books. His earliest pieces are the ones that have become big hits. Chances are that you’ve even seen a couple of movies based on Nicholas Sparks novels. The Notebook is an excellent starting point and if you like it, you can move on to the other Sparks novels.