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  1. Kirsten Mygil

    Dear Ms. Tepper,

    Thank you for your books. They encouraged me to view the world from a new perspective and see possibilities for the future of our world. I work within some of the philosophies you have put out there. Thank you so very much for widening my horizons.

    Best regards,
    Kirsten Mygil

    1. Tesha

      Sheri says that her publicist is working hard to get the publishers to release books to audio. You can help by contacting the publishers of the books you want to hear and let them know that there is a market

  2. Johanna Hume

    Hello Ms. Tepper. I adore so many of your books and re-read them often. Family Tree, Gates, Grass, The Visitor, and others…so many wonderful ideas and terrific writing. I’m currently re-reading The Family Tree (again), and I’m wondering if I can find maps anywhere of Nassif’s/Izzy’s/Sahir’s, et al., journey?? I’d love to match up your descriptions (and theirs) with the map of the US that I have in my mind. Thank you so much for the joy you’ve given me over the years.

  3. Analee Perica

    GATE TO WOMEN’S COUNTRY was my introduction to your books. I was blown away and think that would be a good solution to our world’s woes…once women get it together and take back our Earth. Have read all your books and reread many, including GRASS and BEAUTY. Your contribution to literature, future thought, and women’s issues is priceless. Thank you!

    1. Karla Hodde

      I have a customer looking for Iphegenia’s story after GATE TO WOMEN’S COUNTRY. Can you tell me which of Ms Tepper’s titles this is?
      Katy Budget Books

  4. Nadine MacKinnon

    Love, love love your work, Sheri! Gate to Women’s Country and Grass are brilliant! And I never forgotten the True Game series. I love to re-read your books, but my collection is a little bare as I’ve some of which I’ve lost or lent books, and tattered from constant re-reading. And I was wondering if there is or is going to be an e-pub version of the Mavin and Marianne series. True Game too!

    Thank you for your powerful pro-women work!


  5. Rachel Brock

    I was just wondering if Ms Tepper had ever read “Herland” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a fairly short read currently 99p on the UK website of a famous river. It’s an intriguing take on a Parthogenic female lead society, written when women didn’t even have the vote in the UK . I was just wondering if that was the inspiration behind one of the Gibbons D&F vials.

  6. Everett Harper

    I would love to buy some of Ms Tepper’s early works, including the horror/magic books and all nine of the True Game series.
    Unfortunately, I can only find them on pirate (scam?) sites, not Kindle or via libraries with OverDrive.
    I am of an age that it’s hard to read paper books; ebooks are so much easier on my eyes.
    I also would like to get them for my son who wouldn’t go near a book made of atoms rather than electrons.

    Any possibility in the near future?

    Thank you

    1. admin Post author

      The books are actually owned by the publishers, and they are the ones who decide to make them available – the best thing to do is identify the comapny and bombard them with requests.

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