Sheri S.Tepper


* Necromancer Nine (1983)
* King’s Blood Four (1983)
* Revenants, the (1984)
* Wizard’s Eleven (1984)
* Jinian Footseer (1985)
* Marianne, the Magus, and the Manticore (1985)
* Song of Mavin Manyshaped, the (1985)
* Flight of Mavin Manyshaped, the (1985)
* Search of Mavin Manyshaped, the (1985)
* Dervish Daughter (1986)
* Blood Heritage (1986) Tor Books. Horror
* Jinian Star-Eye (1986)
* Bones, the (1987) Tor Books. Horror
* Southshore (1987)
* Northshore (1987)
* After Long Silence (1987 – published as The Enigma Score in the U.K. 1989)
* Gate to Women’s Country, the (1988)
* Marianne, the Madame, and the Momentary Gods (1988)
* Grass (1989)
* Marianne, the Matchbox, and the Malachite Mouse (1989)
* Raising the Stones (1990)
* Beauty (1991)
* Sideshow (1992)
* Plague of Angels, a (1993)
* Shadow’s End (1994)
* Gibbon’s Decline and Fall (1996)
* Family Tree, the (1997)
* Six Moon Dance (1998)
* Singer from the Sea (1999)
* Fresco, the (2000)
* Visitor, the (2002)
* Companions, the (2003)
* Margarets, the (2008)
* Water Rising, the (2010)


* Land of the True Game: Peter
* Awakeners, the
* Magic Tales!
* Land of the True Game: Jinian
* Marianne
* Mavin Manyshaped

Omnibus Volumes:

* True Game, the (1985)
* Chronicles of Mavin Manyshaped, the (1986)
* End of the Game, the (1986)
* Awakeners, the (1988)


* Faery! (1985)
* Further Adventures of the Joker, the (1990)


* B.J. Oliphant
* A.J. Orde
* E.E. Horlak

24 thoughts on “Book List

  1. Marg Surina

    Ms Tepper is without a doubt my favorite female author. I appreciate and enjoy that her novels always reflect the human condition and real societal issues; even though they are often set in other worlds. She does not write “down” to her audience; she expresses her ideas and her stories intelligently. I always feel reflective and enriched after reading one of her novels. I especially love the “Gate to Women’s Country” which was my first introduction to her work; a loan from a friend. The “Family Tree”& “Gibbon’s Decline and Fall ” are outstanding. I have collected and read every one of her novels that I could find. I wonder that they have not yet made movies of her work. I have shared her novels with many friends and each one became an instant fan. I hope that all her novels will be reprinted at some time. So many are no longer in print; it is a shame that they can’t be enjoyed by a new generation. I hope Ms.Tepper keeps writing for many years to come. Thank you Ms. Tepper for your amazing works; I have enjoyed every single book and hope to enjoy many more!.

  2. Laura Slavonik

    My first introduction to Ms. Tepper was almost 20 years ago, a coworker at my first job after college, gave me his copy of grass and I thought it was about pot so I figured I would read it. :). I was hooked…as a teen I had stopped reading SF because it wasn’t so kool and I was overjoyed to find it again, and with such a strong feminine voice to boot! Since then I have read many of her books, not all, but many. Which leads me to why I’m writing this: I was recently at my local boarders store and they had NOT ONE Sheri S. Tepper book on the shelves…NOT ONE! I was so disappointed, I want to never go back. There was a time when they had many of her books, then a handful and now none. I suppose I will have to order what I want online, but it seems a shame that one of the truly great women of Sifi writing is not represented there. I say no wonder they are going out of business.

  3. Els Couenberg

    My first intruduction was Besuty, which I didn’t like much. After that, The Gste to Women’s Country, which got me hooked too…though I was surprised that such an outright feminist book got published! I have collected her books since, but they are increasingly hard to find. The older books are almost impossible to come by, unless you are very lucky in a secondhand bookstore. Bookstores have increasingly short time bestsellers in stock, which then disappear. It gets to ‘buy now or be sorry’. But books are not clothes, of which the fashion changes with the season. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could order them, but no such luck. Only at Amazon… but I like to have a book in my hands, and with me many people. Indeed, no wonder they are going out of business.
    The books I have I keep reading and rereading…With the upcoming book I have a problem: I only have (read) The True Game, but not the other ones (can’t lay my hands on them), so I know nothing of Mavin Manyshaped petrified. I suppose I will miss a lot. I read Necromancer Nine as a separate book and couldn’t figure out what it was about; only when I read The True Game it sterted making sense. My favorites are The Gate to Women’s Country, Grass, Raising the Stones, Gibbons Decline and Fall. I still have to buy ‘The Waters Rising’ (if I am not too late) and I anticipate much joy reading it; I was always curious about what happened to Abasio after Olly went to the stars.
    Since Ms Tepper is not the youngest, I always am afraid she will die soon and thus not write more books. So I wish her in a very selfish way a very long life in good health.

  4. Jennifer Leahy

    I first read Necromancer Nine when it was first published (I would have been about 10 at the time) and I revisit the entire True Game series (all nine books) every year. I think I would know Mavin if I saw her on the street. Though I have pretty much all of the other books listed, these are my favourites. I recently picked up Water Rising, and am finding it very hard to put down. So, it may end up on the yearly cycle. Thanks very much, Sheri, for bringing us to wonderful and exciting places and introducing us to great characters! I wouldn’t be me without you.

  5. Amberlea Powell

    Dear Sheri, my favorite Wordsmith,
    I love reading – in fact I can’t remember a time when I didn’t. Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time” was really the driving force that started my endless search for meaningful and interesting books to devour. I have fallen into stories my entire life, but your writing does more than suck me in, it compels me to think. I have used your reasoning in books like “The Gate to Women’s Country”, “Gibbons Decline and Fall”, “Six Moon Dance”, “Singer from the Sea”, and many more to help illustrate my stance on issues in criminal justice, especially regarding women’s rights. A friend of mine recommended “The Gate to Women’s Country” many years ago when I was attending Portland State University. I had never heard of you, but I trusted her taste in books. “Gate to Women’s Country” is one of the only books that I have ever read where my jaw physically dropped open when I realized what was going on in the story. Thank you for that! I was so impressed when I finished that I recommended it to my ethics professor. He ended up, I believe, teaching a class using a few of your books to help augment his ethical teachings. It’s not often that professors have thanked me for introducing books to them. Thank you for your wonderful insight to the human condition. Thank you for having a very strong and unflinching perspective of organized religion. And thank you for showcasing the strength of women without being over-the-top.
    I will forever be an appreciative admirer of your works.

  6. Jonna

    If one advances confidently in the directions of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

  7. Andrea Charlton

    I just wanted to say how much I relied on the Marianne books during a bad time in my life. At the beginning the heroine is surviving under crushing oppression, and at the end she has found the strength to push back the bullies and stand up for herself – it was a message I really needed to hear at the time, and I remind myself by re-reading the books, perhaps once a year. I have read and enjoyed most of her other books, and would love to have the option of ebooks so I could carry them all in my pocket. Thank you Sheri S Tepper for what feels a lot like friendship.

  8. Ben

    I first came across Sheri S Tepper with ‘The Chronicles of Mavin Manyshaped’, many years ago and was instantly addicted to her work. The entire series continues on with ‘The True Game’, actually written previously, and the Jinian cycle are also excellent – though, I have to say the books with female protagonists are better and more powerful. These are excellent books and it makes a fantastic tale – and you can very much see a lot of Tepper’s themes in these early works. While other later books also stand out strongly such as ‘Grass’, ‘Raising the Stones’ and ‘The Gate to Women’s Country’, these early books are something special. The fact that they are no longer in print is a travesty – doubly so, as I made the mistake of lending out my copy of ‘Mavin’ years ago and never got it back. Over the years I have scraped together copies of the Jinian series and was overjoyed to see that ‘The True Game’ is back in print. Why are the ‘Chronicles of Mavin Manyshaped’ not being reprinted any more? It really is a crime against literature not to have these books accessable.

    1. Sheri S. Tepper


      We are arranging to have the early books available for purchase by computer.
      They have to be typed, of course, which will take us a while, but we hope to
      get it done during the next couple of years. I am told they can be sold in
      this way through Amazon.

      You may be interested to now that the current book, Fish Tales or Tails,
      haven’t quite decided, picks up the characters of Mavin and Jinian and
      Silkhand from Lom, brings them to Earth where they meet Characters from A
      Plague of Angels and Waters Rising. Again, if this one doesn’t suit the
      publishers, we will do what we can to make it available through electronic

  9. Neal

    I’m 37 and have been reading Sheri’s work since I was still in single digit age wise! They coloured my young impressionable perspective on life with magic, mystery, intrigue, depth, science, imagination and delight in a way that few authors have been able to and I have slavishly followed her work ever since. The book I go back to the most though is The Revenants – what a mighty piece of work! Thank you for bringing your words, views and thoughts to us for so long! A much admiring fan from the UK.

  10. Sandra Innis

    Ms.Tepper, I have been a fan for many years and have enjoyed your work. Unfortunately I lost my collection of your works in a move (drat!)and have had some difficulty finding them at my local book store. However I have requested that carry your books and hope they listen to my rave review. Keep up the good work!

  11. Jenniefer Pickup

    I would like to add my thanks to Ms. Tepper for her stories. “Beauty” is one of my perennial favorites and i recommend it to everyone.
    I am always happy when I stumble across a title i havent read yet.
    Thank you for the many hours of thought provoking entertainment.

  12. Carmen

    Thanks for so many great books over the years. We are about to move house and so have put a lot of our (extremely large!) book collection into storage – but not any of those written by Sherri! These I must have available at all times! Love them all, and am delighted to have been able to get 2nd hand copies of Kings Blood 4, Necromancer 9 and Wizards 11 for the first time!

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  14. deb schneider

    I hope that you will issue all your works in e-format. I have read and owned most of them over the years, but want to re-read them. I love my Kindle and am now buying and reading books I no longer have the room to store! Thank you for your work. I am a lasting fan 😀

  15. charles gackstetter

    I have recently lost much of my vision. I have not been able to find any audio book versions. I’d very much like to catch up (I have yet to to enjoy A Plague…).

    1. Tesha

      Many of us would love to listen to her stories.

      Yet, it isn’t her decision – the publisher owns the rights, and until enough people contact them and demand it – these will not be available.

      So… call or write and tell them… We Want Sheri!!!

  16. Donna Kaczorowski

    Thank you so much for your beautiful stories. I have recently started rereading your books after finishing Fish Tails. It is a shame that most of your books are not in our libraries. I wasn’t even aware of many of your earlier works until I did a Google search. I hope to find all of them someday. keep up your wonderful work!

  17. Miss Cellany

    The Hobbs Land stories are incredible works of Art. They are not lauded enough. The ideas and messages in the books have crept into movies and other books almost without anyone noticing… slowly seeping into the public mind like the Hobbs Land Gods themselves.
    I love them all and recommend them to anyone who likes Sci Fi / Fantasy.

  18. Helene

    I have all the books but my favourite is a treasured Marianne Trilogy that I visit like an old friend and re-read regularly, I tried to find a spare copy but they go for about £40 . I’d love for that to be reprinted so my daughter could read it when she’s a little older and see the strength that women can have.

    1. Tesha

      Sheri has said many times that she would love to see reprints, but she understands that the publishers hold the rights to reprint. If you’d like to see (as most of us here do) all her older work reprinted – and/or made audios available – write, call, make noise so that they know there is a market.

  19. Bonnie

    I am nearly finished with Raising the Stones. At the moment, it is my favorite. Complex plot, interesting and diverse characters. and full of wisdom. There are so many statements about religions that include versus exclude, fear vs trust, community vs “sanctifying” a few. Every few pages I find something to guide my decisions, and illuminate my understanding of our species. It’s one of the Hobbs Land books, my daughter tells me – now I must identify the others.

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