The 2015 WORLD FANTASY LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS will be held November 5-8 in Saratoga Springs NY, but even though Sheri S. Tepper is one of the winners this year, she most likely will not be attending.

You see, she hasn’t been feeling very well, not well at all.

Wonderful LuAnn who takes care of her office tells us that she isn’t even coming in for her kind messages sent from everyone here, and I’m saddened to think that she isn’t getting to hear how much she has meant to us through the stories she has told.



I have been been asked to take Sheri’s address off the page, as she has been overwhelmed with the response from her loving fans… really, really overwhelmed as she was simply expecting a few get well cards.

She asks for no more gifts – please –

10 thoughts on “Congratulations! Ms. Tepper!

  1. Mary Anne Kara

    Ms. Tepper, I am having so much fun reading ‘FISH TAILS’, I am almost through but I don’t want the story to end, I never want your stores to end. Thank you so much for all of the worlds, and of all the lives, and all of the thoughts that you have brought to us. When I am asked for my favorite, I am at a loss. I have saved every book I have acquired, some of them in multiples. Whenever I restart one of them, I know it will make me think. Thank you so very much,
    Mary Anne Kara, age 78

  2. Robin Greenwood

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well!!

    If I haven’t already told you so, I want you to know how much I love your books! As mawkish as it sounds, you truly are my favorite author.

    I haven’t read your two latest books because I am “saving” them. I want to spread the treat out as long as possible! I have started re-reading the first of the three books, as it has been a while since I read it so I don’t remember what all happens in it.

    If I had to choose a favorite, right now, it’s “The Margarets,”

    Again, I hope you are feeling at least a little better soon!!

    Very sincerely,

    Robin Greenwood

  3. Debbie

    Thank you. I am not very articulate so all I can think of to say is Thank You. Thank you for making me think, thank you for helping me realize that I needed to teach my sons to think. Thank you for never letting me down, for showing me that the place I choose to stand is where I am supposed to be as long as I have sincerity in my heart and know that I am not doing damage to others just because. I think I need more lessons from you, so please, just please. You helped me become the person I am. You said the things I didn’t know how to say out loud. THANK YOU.

  4. Jamie F. Wheeler

    I am teaching “Gate” in a course I designed called “The Bad Girls of Literature.” My students have thoroughly enjoyed your novel and we have had lively discussions.

  5. Ruth Casey May

    My favorite is “The Gate To Women’s Country”. I still cry when I read it, which I have done so much I know what is written on the next page.

    1. Linda Campbell

      Odd reaction but you are entitled. When I read it my spirit soars when she takes Michael down. I reread the whole book all the time just for that one scene.

  6. Beryl Baker

    First “met” Tepper when bought first Shetland ram from her and then learned of her books. Once read one was hooked. Have read just about all of them and own many of them. Favorite is The Family Tree. It was so well done that it was only when halfway through that the surprise came about in connecting many of the “dots”. Had recommended it or others to be made into movies to Robert Redford, Steven Spilberg, George Lucas the famous movie makers that brought so many uplifting environmental, social movies into existence. Unfortunately they had “gatekeepers” so those directors never even saw the letters sent to them.

    Often recommend her books to others to read as the books are so wonderful. She combines history, mystery, Sci fi, social and environmental issues, philosophy, psychology and blends them into original entertaining, educational, involving not want to put down stories. Often would be thinking of just the subject of her next book trying to figure out how to write it and she would come out with the rightly written book expressing what was wanting to write about that subject. So thankful for her ability to write the stories was unable to write.

    Have read many of the great Sci-fi writers over the years starting with some of Andre Norton’s first books back when in junior high. Sheri Tepper is by far one of the best Sci-fi social, environmental writers of the last 50 years.

    Always kept looking forward to her next book.

    Thank you Sheri Tepper for giving us the “wealth” of enriching, original, thought provoking and potentially life changing ideas through your writing. Have read and reread many of your books many times. Always learn or experience them in a new way. Am so thankful that, those many years ago through the raising of sheep, have “met” you through your books.

    You certainly deserve one of the 2015 WORLD FANTASY LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS.

    With deep appreciation,
    Beryl Baker, Tucson, AZ, still raising Shetland sheep and reading your books.

  7. Linda Campbell

    I may have discovered/developed a fifth vial for Caroline and the girls to choose from.
    This is a clear liquid. See how it reflects all colors? If you choose this one, all women of child bearing age will ovulate only in January. All human babies will be born in the fall. Once a woman has one child, she will ovulate only when that child reaches its fifth birthday. This will lessen the population flood without grief, loss or disruption of family life. All other species breed only once a year. Why are humans different?
    Just so you never think we read your people and promptly forget them.
    all love always Linda

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