Grass would make a wonderful movie…

To Ms Tepper and/or publicist,
Has there been any suggestion of making a movie from the novel “Grass”? This is a visually powerful story combined with many issues that are socially relevant to our world. The concept of a world where all species are linked by metamorphosis is a brilliant notion. There is much about this story that I imagine could appeal to the likes of Steven Spielberg, James Cameron or George Lucas? Please consider my suggestion. Could you rewrite the story as a screenplay? Thank you for your inspirational stories. Regards, Jeffrey A W.

Ms. Tepper writes back…


Jeffry W. needs to know that authors have absolutely nothing to do with deciding to make a film from a book they have written—except to accept or refuse an offer made by a producer or studio.  Writing a screen play of a book won’t help: most producers want screen plays written by someone they have confidence in, that is, someone who knows what “screen” requires.  If a reader thinks a book should be made into a movie, the person to tell about it is the director, producer, or studio.  It carries a lot more weight than anything a writer might say—all  of us, I’m sure, think our books should be made into movies.


I have always thought that the director who made movies of the Tolkien trilogy would find Grass an interesting book to look at, but, as the writer, I’m not the person to say so. 

3 thoughts on “Grass would make a wonderful movie…

  • Tessera J.

    Hi Ms Tepper, Just wanted to take the opportunity to express my great pleasure in your writing. I am always looking forward to the next book, but my favourites are “Raising the Stones” and “Grass”. You have such a wonderful gift – thanks for sharing it.


  • Kate

    Ms. Tepper, I really enjoyed “Grass”, but when I attempted to download the second book in the series, “Raising The Stones”, it was not available as an e-book (Epub, or any other version). I am very disappointed, because I loved Grass. I do not want to read book three, and ruin the series, by jumping ahead. Please make an e-book format available for book two. Thank you very much!

  • jeffrey witt

    Dear Ms Tepper, I have only just discovered, through a google search that you had responded to a suggestion I made re “Grass” as a movie. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Pity it took me so long to be aware that you had done so. Yes, Peter Jackson is also one that I considered who could do a great job of adapting “Grass”. I have enjoyed all of your books immensely, but I still think that “Grass” is outstanding in its concept, and its execution. Dare I say that one could write a book about “Grass” as an academic thesis? I am curious as to how you developed the notion initially?At the time that I made the query; I was a high school music teacher. Since retiring ~two years ago I have been obsessed with writing. I now have five novels in progress, but the first, is an Australian, contemporary, speculative fiction that could loosely be identified as sic-fi? The primary character is a musician/artist/instrument maker. The secondary character is a scientist/ philosopher/anthropologist, who is also a public speaker. The story is now 170,000 words long, and I hope to complete it by the end of 2014 with an estimated 20,000 – 50,000 words to yet write. The initial inspiration to start the novel was to see if I could portray a musical experience via text; such that the reader could hear, or imagine the music, cognitively. The thing I did not realise about writing fiction until I engaged the process; is that one does not know what will happen next? It is all revealed while engaged with the writing. I did not realise that writing could be as exciting as reading. You should know that you are one of many authors that have inspired me to try my hand at the craft. Thank you for your inspiring visions, and the excellent manner in which you have realised them. Here’s hoping that at least one of your tales might make it to cinema screens? Regards, Jeffrey Witt.


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