Hayley and Amanda ask…

My friend and I just read “Beauty”. It is our all time favorite
novel! We were wondering what your inspiration was for writing this
novel? We want to make an amazing book report/presentation on this
novel and adding an interview question would send it over the top.

—and Sheri responds—

One night I got to thinking about all the fairy stories and weird books I had most enjoyed as a young person (This was before television, movies were maybe once every three months or fewer, we lived way out in the country with no other children anywhere around, so I read a lot!) and how the “Happily ever after” phrase didn’t mean a heck of a lot. What happened to them, really? I decided to start with Sleeping Beauty because her life extended a hundred years, and once I was into that, and making it a love story, the other stories just sort of fitted in.

I’m glad you like the book. Thanks for asking.

Sheri Tepper

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