Congratulations! Ms. Tepper!

The 2015 WORLD FANTASY LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS will be held November 5-8 in Saratoga Springs NY, but even though Sheri S. Tepper is one of the winners this year, she most likely will not be attending.

You see, she hasn’t been feeling very well, not well at all.

Wonderful LuAnn who takes care of her office tells us that she isn’t even coming in for her kind messages sent from everyone here, and I’m saddened to think that she isn’t getting to hear how much she has meant to us through the stories she has told.


I have been given permission to post her actual USPS address, so that you all can send cards and letters directly to her at her guest house in New Mexico.

If you visit, she most likely can’t see you.

If you have books to sign, please know that she can hardly hold a pen for her arthritis.

But some small kind word…. as she is a woman of words… would probably make her day.

Rancho Jacona
277 County Road 84
Santa Fe, NM  87506
attn: Sheri S. Tepper

3 thoughts on “Congratulations! Ms. Tepper!

  1. Mary Anne Kara

    Ms. Tepper, I am having so much fun reading ‘FISH TAILS’, I am almost through but I don’t want the story to end, I never want your stores to end. Thank you so much for all of the worlds, and of all the lives, and all of the thoughts that you have brought to us. When I am asked for my favorite, I am at a loss. I have saved every book I have acquired, some of them in multiples. Whenever I restart one of them, I know it will make me think. Thank you so very much,
    Mary Anne Kara, age 78

  2. Robin Greenwood

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well!!

    If I haven’t already told you so, I want you to know how much I love your books! As mawkish as it sounds, you truly are my favorite author.

    I haven’t read your two latest books because I am “saving” them. I want to spread the treat out as long as possible! I have started re-reading the first of the three books, as it has been a while since I read it so I don’t remember what all happens in it.

    If I had to choose a favorite, right now, it’s “The Margarets,”

    Again, I hope you are feeling at least a little better soon!!

    Very sincerely,

    Robin Greenwood

  3. Debbie

    Thank you. I am not very articulate so all I can think of to say is Thank You. Thank you for making me think, thank you for helping me realize that I needed to teach my sons to think. Thank you for never letting me down, for showing me that the place I choose to stand is where I am supposed to be as long as I have sincerity in my heart and know that I am not doing damage to others just because. I think I need more lessons from you, so please, just please. You helped me become the person I am. You said the things I didn’t know how to say out loud. THANK YOU.

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